Part One

Review the information in chapter one of the textbook on research method and respond to the following questions. Feel free to use other sources to support your response and use the ASA format ( to cite your sources.

Compare and contrast the ethnographic, survey and experimental research methods. (Length: At least 500 words totalled. Please devote about the same length when discussing each method; Max points = 24. Indicate word count at the end of your response)

Part Two

Listen and/or read the following podcasts and article. Reflect on the content and share your thoughts on how they have informed you (i.e., lessons learned, insights) on understanding your social relationships and experience. (Length: At least 400 words; Max points: 16. Indicate word count at the end of your response.)

“Why Facts are Not Enough?”:

“Why this Article Won’t Change Your Mind”:

“How False Beliefs Spread”:

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