C.H postAs a health care manager, how could you use the skills of planning and organizing to continually improve quality?As a healthcare manager, you can use planning and organizing skills to help continuously improve quality. To improve quality, you must first identify the quality issue that must be solved. After this is determined, you can start planning a workflow or other solution strategy to improve the quality aspect. Then, you will start organizing the staff and other stakeholders crucial to the improvement process. In the end, the healthcare manager can modify the variables until the desired outcome is achieved using planning and organizing skills.How could you improve these skills to be a more effective manager?In order to improve planning and organizing skills, the healthcare manager can make them a priority. Consistency will help ensure that the proper skills are being developed and improved. A manager can hold weekly meetings and create a plan for the coming week to ensure effective planning at the workplace. You can practice organization every day by keeping a notepad handy to ensure all tasks are documented and delegated appropriately. To start your day, a to-do list can be created to keep the healthcare manager on task and organized. What is an example of planning or organizing that a healthcare manager does regularly to improve the quality of care?There are many examples of what healthcare managers do to show their planning and organization skills. Healthcare managers can hold regular meetings or touch bases with staff to ensure all members are up-to-date with new or revised policies, make any announcements that can change current workflows, announce new staff members, etc.